Zpívánky - music lessons in Czech

Our courses full of games, songs, rhymes, and fun are attended by small groups of children and their parents. Your offspring can look forward to a session full of lovely music-making, singing, fairy tales, discovering rhythms and sounds, meeting attractive musical instruments, toys, and many other exciting tools and teaching aids.



What can you expect from Zpívánky?

This course is in the Czech language and is focused on learning rhythmic rhymes, playing movement games, and encouraging the entire development of hearing.

Would you like your child to say one day: When I was little my mum used to sing?… Or: I know this one from my dad! We are going to sing, exercise, play games, dance, listen to the sounds and melodies. Let´s enjoy the moment! The rhymes and song can change into a theatre play, rhythm, or dance exercise into a game full of fun. You will smile with the mascot of our courses – the clown named Funny and we will surprise you with our bubble show at the end! All this in the sense of our motto: We order vitamin M (for music) at least once a week.


Your child can expect both individual and group activities, trips to different music genres - listening to musical pieces, holding and trying to play musical instruments. We can accompany the rhyme with percussions, we can act songs in a short performance – we can borrow some plush toys, bricks, or balloons and we go for it!






We pay maximum attention to find the right lecturers. Your children are in the capable hands of real professionals.

Vendula Burkoňová
Cheerful violinist and mum of three boys.
734 283 498
Mgr. Lucie Pochobradská
Mum of two boys that likes jogging and trips to nature.
604 635 355
Lucie Školníková
Loves nature, music dance and all of this is the best with the children around.
723 683 553


Download the complete schedule of the courses HERE (format PDF, 86 kB).


DAY time THE COURSE NAME venue info start
Monday 9:30 - 10:15 České zpívánky Čarostrom Chrudim babymusic@babymusic.cz 08.09.2020
10:15 - 11:00 České zpívánky Krajská knihovna, Pardubice babymusic@babymusic.cz 08.09.2020
9:30 - 10:15 České zpívanky Čarostrom Chrudim babymusic@babymusic.cz 09.09.2020
Thursday 9:30 - 10:15 České zpívánky Čarostrom Chrudim babymusic@babymusic.cz 10.09.2020
10:00 - 10:45 České zpívánky Milheimova 611, Pardubice babymusic@babymusic.cz 10.09.2020



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