The training and license

Would you like Zpívánky or rather operate a Private English Playgroup by yourself?

Are you preparing a WORKSHOP themed How can we oblige to a child's harmonious development with the music? We would like to share our experience! We can conduct a workshop or we can contribute to your own workshop with our experience. We can come to your center, school, nursery with a program for the pedagogs as well as exciting amateurs. We will train you and prepare the foundations for the teaching on your site.

For a fee, you can become A LICENCE HOLDER. I can be an individual or an organization (Mother Centre, Children and Youth Centre), etc.

By buying the license you will obtain a completed  APPROVED detailed program of Czech music course or English music course or English Mini-nursery.
All this for the age group from 6 months to 24 months, 2-4 years 4-7 years, you will also obtain an educational CD, we advise you HOW and WHAT to teach. We advise on where to obtain the aides etc.



You will learn the main principles of work with toddlers and pre-school children so that you can share the enjoyment from the music as well or else you can spread the amazing idea of bilingual pre-school learning. BABY MUSIC license has a limited time for 1 - 5 years. We are positive that we will agree on the specific terms „tailored specifically for you“ (, Helena Chaloupková).



Here you can find the links to the places where the licence learning works already:






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