Anglické zpívánky - music lessons in English

Our courses full of games, songs, nursery rhymes, and fun are attended by a small group of children together with their parents. Your offspring can look forward to a session full of lovely music-making, singing, fairy tales, discovering the rhythms and sounds, meeting attractive musical instruments, toys, and many other exciting tools and teaching aids.



What can you expect?

The courses that focus on introducing the English language. The whole lesson is held in the English language, children can play, listen and imitate the teacher. The older ones can even try an easy conversation always connected to a certain task or activity that is currently running. Principles of imitation, repetition, and life experience are the main pillars of our successful education strategy.

The musical background helps to create a positive mood and funny atmosphere, the English rhymes and songs teach the children to recognize new vocabulary, easy sentences, and phrases. Thanks to the visual aids, didactic games, and a wide range of children's musical instruments everybody will be absolutely absorbed in the game without noticing they are learning e. g. new vocabulary.

the aim of the course

Our primal goal is not only to teach your child how to speak English we want to create a positive approach to this language, to encourage the capability of hearing differentiation, and to support the entire development of their own personality (specifically communication ability, teamwork, and imagination). We work with subliminal perception and long-term memory – the children will also create a memory of a situation, gesture, feeling, rhyme or melody, etc. with every single sentence. Many of the sentences learned to like this will promptly show up in the future any time they are needed.


Come over to get inspired, have fun, and laugh together with your child!




We pay maximum attention to find the right lecturers. Your children are in the hands of real professionals.

Mgr. Helena Chaloupková, Ph.D
Musicologist, journalist, anglophile, and mum of two children.
732 385 202
Vendula Burkoňová
Empathetic and always smiling mom of three boys.
734 283 498
Mgr. Alena Mifková
Action mum of two small children. She loves music, going to nature, and camping with her family. Her batteries recharge her child's happiness and the sun's rays.
725 109 712


The complete schedule of the Babymusic courses can be downloaded HERE (format PDF, 86 kB).

Thursday 8:45 - 9:30 Anglické zpívánky Čarostrom, Chrudim 14.09.2023
10:00 - 10:45 Anglické zpívánky

Milheimova 611, Pardubice 14.09.2023



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