What will my child actually learn

  • motion games – action songs
  • poems and rhymes – nursery rhymes
  • musical games – „fast and slow game“ etc.
  • sound stories - sound stories
  • new vocabulary
  • new friends
  • listening (someone as well as something)
  • dance, expressing the moods, tempo, etc.
  • Percussive games
  • original accompaniment and  arrangement (how it is to be a part of a band)
  • folk music, world music, jazz, disco, Latino-American even classical music 

our phIlosophy

The philosophy of Babymusic is the endeavor to contribute to the universal development of your child. We don´t want to flood or overload them - we want to offer an interesting and active program. Our students are curious and playful children, we work with the children´s spontaneousness and naturality. Just like so many mums had comprehended the benefits of children´s swimming we also believe that the proposal of our music, language and other lessons for your offspring will get your interest.     All activities mean only one thing - to intercept the natural ability of your child and evolve them further, to treat the child as an equal partner, learn to communicate mutually and deepen your relationship. We can achieve it with a help of a group as well as an individual activity, rhymes, songs, rhythmical exercise, dance, playing on musical instruments, various games,  riddles, many funny aids and especially for babies also many different kinds of non-verbal communication (gestures, signs, facial expression, played stories, audio presentation, etc.).



Music, speech, sounds create a usual environment of a baby already in the mother's womb. The first most precious and sweet sound is the sound of the mother´s heart and later on...her voice. They listen to their mum and they safely recognize their mum already within few weeks of their life. I am pretty sure that you have tried that as well – the child is crying, swing and swing and the child keeps crying. You take the baby in your arms, he/she often keeps crying... the moment you talk to him/her, you start to soothe him/her and sing for him/her the tears slowly disappear away. It´s as natural as the Sun above our head. You didn´t need to read it anywhere nor anyone had to tell you – you do it automatically out of the instinct as well as your baby. He/she loves your voice and all the lovely sounds that you make.


Babymusic works with pleasant sounds, interesting rhythms, develops the voice, and playing on the musical instruments – from the shakers for the smallest babies through the drums and tambourines all the way to the xylophones or recorders. We concentrate on the age group from birth to 3 years old.  Our lecturers can play multiple musical instruments, experienced in working with children, and enthusiastic in what they do.  

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